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Malaysia delegates


Heartfelt congratulations to the Malaysian Anatomical Association (MAA) for their remarkable contribution to the focused symposium slot held during the 10th APICA - 20th ANZACA Congress in New Zealand recently. The MAA's engagement in this prestigious international event highlights their commitment to advancing anatomy education on a global scale. The symposium, a collaborative effort with the Malaysian Association of Education in Medical and Health Sciences (MAEMHS), was centered around the theme "Envisioning Anatomy Education Landscape in BANI World," reflecting the current challenges and future directions in medical education, particularly anatomy.

The symposium organized by MAA featured three eminent speakers, each presenting a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities in anatomy education during the BANI era:

1. AP Dr. Saiful Bahri, in his talk titled "The BANI Era: Reshaping Medical Education for a Transformative Future," shed light on adapting medical education to the complexities of our current era.
2. AP Dr. Siti Nurma Hanim Hadie: Her presentation "Unleashing Resilient Potential: Crafting an Unyielding Anatomy Curriculum in the BANI Age" emphasized the importance of resilience in anatomy curriculum development.
3. AP Dr. Madihah Rushaidhi: "Transcending Borders: Revolutionizing Anatomy Education in the BANI Era" offered innovative insights for global anatomy education.

We are also proud to congratulate Dr. Siti Nurma Hanim, our MAA President, for delivering a captivating talk on "Islamic Beliefs and Body Donation" during the ethics panel discussion at the congress. Her presentation was well-received by the audience and garnered significant appreciation. We applaud her for making an insightful contribution to the discourse on such a critical aspect of medical ethics.

During the congress, the members of the Malaysian Association of Anatomists (MAA) had the opportunity to present their research work, which has significantly contributed to the field of anatomy and medical education. Congratulations to the following researchers for their innovative work:

1. Dr. Razif Abas for the research on "Revolutionary 2D Animation Embryogenesis: Enhancing Knowledge and Perception Among Malaysian Medical Students."
2. Dr. Syarifah Aisyah for the research on "Reimagining Anatomy Core Competency: A Multimodal Research Approach."
3. Dr. Choy Ker Woon for the research on "Unravelling Geometric Morphometric Method on Frontal Sinus for Biological Profiling Among Malaysians from Radiograph: A Novel Approach in Forensic Anthropology."
4. AP Dr. Aspalilah Alias for the research on "Morphological Analysis of Thoracic Vertebrae: A 3D Approach for Human Identification."
5. Dr. Kistina Mohamed for the research on "Laser Microdissection of the Neurosensory Domains of the Human Inner Ear for Downstream Gene Expression Analysis."
6. AP Dr. Madihah Rushaidhi: "Technology-Mediated Team-Taught Anatomy Practical: Impact on the Engagement, Motivation, and Cognitive Load Scores in Medical and Biomedical Science Programme."
7. AP Dr. Khin Pa Pa Hlaing @Farida Hussan for the research on "Anatomy in 21st Century Medical Curriculum."

The MAA's participation in the 10th APICA-20th ANZACA Congress has been an outstanding showcase of Malaysian expertise and innovation in anatomy and medical education. We are proud of our delegates' achievements and their contributions to the global medical community.