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MAA Delegates to 7th IASCBC/AAT46

MAA Delegates to 7th IASCBC/AAT46

PATTAYA, 16 May 2024 – The Malaysia Anatomical Association (MAA) has once again showcased remarkable scientific knowledge exchange and collaboration, positioning Malaysia on the global stage at the 7th International Anatomical Sciences and Cell Biology Conference (IASCBC) and the 46th Annual Conference of the Anatomy Association of Thailand (AAT). This prestigious event took place at the scenic Long Beach Garden Hotel & Spa, Pattaya, from May 14th to  May 16th, 2024. A delegation from the MAA, comprising 7 esteemed anatomists, embarked on a mission with a noble objective: to increase the MAA's visibility and bolster its reputation within the international anatomical community.

Two esteemed MAA members were honored with invitations to deliver special lectures on their respective areas of expertise. The  President of MAA, Associate Professor Dr. Siti Nurma Hanim, presented an insightful special lecture on medical education, entitled “Transforming Anatomy Competency: Forging a Safer Path in Clinical Practice”. Additionally, Associate Professor Dr. Teoh Seong Lin delivered his research findings on “Towards Understanding the Pathophysiology of Parkinson’s Disease using zebrafish as a model” within the aging and regenerative medicine category. These presentations highlight MAA’s dedication to fostering academic excellence and innovation in medical science and education.

We are also proud to congratulate the MAA members who had the opportunity to present their research work during oral presentations, which have significantly contributed to the field of anatomy. The following members presented their research:

  1. Dr. Mohamad Fairuz Yahaya shared his research on “Exploring Stingless Bee Honey's Therapeutic Potential in Alzheimer's Disease: Insights from a Rat Model Study”.
  2. Dr. Choy Ker Woon presented her research on “Digitalization of Forensic Anthropology via Geometric Morphometric Approach: A Study on Frontal Sinus in Malaysia Population”.
  3. Madam Rani Sakaran shared her research findings on “Ethnic Diversity in Malaysian Thoracic Vertebra: a Geometric Morphometric Approach Using CT Imaging”.
  4. Mr. Muhammad Zaid Zainuddin shared his innovation on “Simplifying Pterygopalatine Fossa Teaching Using 3D Paper Models”.
  5. Dr. Fairus Ahmad presented his research entitled “Stingless Bee Honey Alleviates Inflammatory Markers, Obesity Markers, and Histomorphometry Changes in Gross Anatomy & Histology Tissue of the Metabolic Syndrome Rats.”

The MAA’s participation in the 7th IASCBC/AAT46 has showcased Malaysia's expertise and innovation in the field of anatomy. We take great pride in the accomplishments and valuable contributions made by our delegates to the international anatomy conference. This accomplishment represents a noteworthy milestone for MAA and its impact on the global scientific landscape.