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SMP Clinical Anatomy for Medical Student Course 2024

SMP Clinical Anatomy for Medical Student Course 2024: Bridging Theory with Practice in Anatomy Education

KUALA LUMPUR, March 9 – The Malaysian Anatomical Association (MAA) has once again collaborated with the Silent Mentor Program to organise the first Clinical Anatomy for medical students for the year 2024.

The program comprised two sessions, commencing with the Train of Trainer (ToT) session, designed to equip anatomists with comprehensive insights into the cardinal clinical applications of anatomy in various surgical subspecialties, including Head & Neck, Orthopaedics, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, and Abdominal surgery. Nine enthusiastic anatomists from various universities across Malaysia have seized this invaluable opportunity to learn directly from surgeons with immense expertise in their respective subspecialties. Through small-group interactions and hands-on experiences, participants gained invaluable insights that would pave the way for their future roles as trainers in the SMP’s Clinical Anatomy courses.

Following the ToT session, the anatomists immediately transitioned into the subsequent session, where they imparted their newly learned knowledge to 20 medical students hailing from various Malaysian medical schools. This hands-on approach not only facilitated the dissemination of knowledge but also provided students with a unique learning experience enriched by the expertise of both anatomists and surgeons.

Central to the success of this course was the gracious donation of bodies by three Silent Mentors, whose selfless contributions played a pivotal role in enriching the teaching and learning experience for both anatomists and medical students alike. We hope that the collaboration between MAA and the Silent Mentor Program will further advance the understanding of clinical anatomy in students.